Pula, May 30th - June 1st, 2013

It is my great pleasure to invite you at the 6th International Scientific Conference "The Changing Economic Landscape: Issues, Implications and Policy Options; Economic in Crisis - The Crisis of Economics". The Conference is open for topics from all fields in economics and interrelated fields.


This year's major Conference theme is "Economics in Crisis /The Crisis of Economics - the rise of Political Economics driven by Fiscal Austerity".


History is a witness that, usually, the cycles of economic crisis have been followed by the crisis of the economic science. Deep recessions have been followed by negation of the existing orthodoxies giving way to the new. As more than over a century ago, as now, economists seemed to feel that the glaring lack of consensus on fundamental principles compromised the scientific status of Economics, and there were strong professional and public pressures to establish a new orthodoxy that could speak authoritatively on economic matters. The current economic crisis has placed economic science in a delicate situation. In past three years it has provoked a crisis of confidence in validity of its theories. Our biennial conference is a place in which we create and exchange new ideas and make a contribution to our society.


Looking forward to welcoming you and your colleagues in Pula, Croatia on May 30-01 June 2013.


Yours truly,
Professor Marinko Skare


Download the letter of invitation here.


Download the Call for Papers here.




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